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In our line of work, we’ve met with countless manufacturing companies who need new steel structures built to accommodate very specific needs–and we’re up to the challenge. American steel buildings are attractive and affordable, making your hard work a little easier. We can design industrial metal buildings with or without interior columns, allowing you an exceptional amount of flexibility with your interior usage, plus additional cost savings.


  • Our steel building kits are comprised of more than 87% recycled steel and are 100% recyclable.

  • We can make your building energy efficient with cool-coated insulated metal panels, a low-profile roofline, or other methods.

  • Pre-engineered buildings cost 30% less than conventional construction projects on average.

  • Our professional team is familiar with codes and building requirements specific to your location, ensuring a smooth design-build, on-budget, and on schedule.

  • Steel buildings are resistant to mold, termites, and corrosion, giving your structure a much longer life than wood construction, not to mention naturally fire-resistant!

  • Our team will help you design and plan to make your dream a reality.

Tin Wall


"Very pleased with the steel building project! It’s twice as strong as your competitors! Great design and excellent organization off the truck."

- KBC - Contractor

"You guys rock! Not only did you save me $3 a square foot, but you delivered without issue. Your engineers are outstanding, which made my HOA and city permitting processes a breeze!”

- Henry Fenn

“Wow, you all made this easy!! Never in my life have I had a metal building company send a representative up to Washington to check in on my project.”

- Richard Bower

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